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yes, We do work with clients just like you

At Swartz & Reeder Advisors we work with clients of all sizes, in different industries,

in the Chicago-area and 

across the USA.

  • Trades

  • Retail

  • Professionals

  • Health Care, Personal Care

  • Transportation & Shipping

  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Tech

Small Businesses

Advertising & Signs
Beauty & Grooming
Business Services
Children's Education & Development
Commercial & Residential Services
Computer Technology
Dry Cleaning & Laundry
Financial Services
Food & Beverage
Home Improvement
Maid Services & Cleaning
Medical & Nutrition
Moving & Storage
Package/Freight Delivery
Pest Control
Pet Care & Animal Services
Real Estate
Rental Services
Repair & Restoration
Senior Care
Tax Service
Travel & Lodging
Unique Retail

...and many more!

We have experience with

clients across a wide range

of industries

Our team of dynamic individuals is committed to working together with you and your team to help you reach your goals. Our partners have deep business and entrepreneurial experience, and our staff are hand-picked for their dedication to teamwork.

 We are one of the premier tax and consulting firms serving businesses in the Chicago-area and nationwide 

Swartz & Reeder Advisors is founded on the principle of doing the utmost for each and every one of our clients. Our excellent reputation in the community has been earned through diligence and care. Each client is important no matter how large or small.


Our team stays current of the latest rules and changes in both tax law and financial trends. We recognize that each client has unique needs. This is why we implement a tailored approach to bring to our clients the best result possible for them. We also continually upgrade and streamline our technology, giving us an important edge in this respect to most of our competitors.

45+ Years experience




what customers are saying

Business Owner

"I would like to thank and highly recommend Michael Reeder. He is an excellent accountant. I have worked with Michael Reeder for over 5 years. He has been my personal accountant for many years. Several years ago he was able to to recuperate over $26,000 due to me in refunds that no other accountant was able to help me with. Micheal Reeder is an amazing accountant who is highly efficient and very compassionate. He has attributes of an excellent accountant and would highly recommend his services."

- Lupe Martinez

Business Meeting

"First and foremost, a special shout out to Michael & Mimi Reeder and Barry!!! Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very transparent with their work! I walked in worried about the first time filing my taxes as a business owner and walked out very comfortable/satisfied! They are definitely not your "Joe Shmoe" HR Block type shop and you'll have no regrets coming here to get your taxes done. If you're looking for a "tax doctor" come here and you won't regret it!!!"

- Mike Bradica

Whatever Success Means to You, 

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Get started on your taxes. Start a new franchise or acquire a new business.


Expand your facilities. Expand your products / services. Add locations. Go online. 


Sell your business.


Acquire a new business or franchise.

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